What is AI Mining? What would be the way it might exist?

2 min readJul 10, 2023


Before we understand this scenario, we first need to understand PoW (Proof of Work). PoW is an economic countermeasure against service and resource abuse, or denial of service attacks.

It generally requires users to perform complex computations that are appropriately time-consuming and whose answers can be quickly verified by the service provider, using the time, equipment, and energy used as a guaranteed cost to ensure that the services and resources are used for the real needs.

The best known example of PoW is Bitcoin. The same goes for AI mining. The process of users providing computations to AI models via GPUs is the mining process.

First, the mining pool allocates the AI model, the user accesses it through the GPU, and then submits the results to the pool for confirmation through real-time computing, thus completing the complete AI mining process.

In addition to the technical issues of how to assign tasks and how to filter the results, the difficulty of AI mining is that it is difficult to settle the revenue with the users who participate in mining.

We have now seen that langchainbitcoin is focusing on this area. For more details, you can check langchainbitcoin LLM Agent BitcoinTools,we’ll paste the link at the end of this thread.

What will #AiPTP do? AiPTP’s Bitcoin L2 will use the following scenarios: Users who participate in AI Mining using GPUs will get a double reward: $ATMT & $BTC.

AiPTP’s nodes are responsible for generating blocks and sending bitcoin and ATMT rewards: where bitcoin comes from cross-chain fees and ATMT comes from block output.

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AiPTP Bitcon L2:https://aiptp.medium.com/what-is-aiptp-bitcoinlayer2-f0c8b380580e

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