What is AiPTP BitcoinLayer2

2 min readJun 27, 2023

AiPTP can be understood as a Bitcoin sidechain solution.
Smart contracts can be used to build any decentralized application on the AiPTP chain.

AiPTP uses the proof-of-stake(PoS) mechanism. Staking $BTC and $ATMT at the same time can become the validator of AiPTP, of which BTC and ATMT each account for 50%.

When a BTC is cross-chained from Bitcoin L1 to AiPTP chain, a small fee will be rewarded to $ATMT stakers; at the same time, validators who staked $BTC will receive AiPTP block rewards $ATMT regularly.

In order to ensure sufficient security and decentralization, the total amount of cross-chains shall not exceed 200% of the Bitcoin currently staked in Transit Layer. We believe this is a better Layer 2 solution than Multi-Signature.

Therefore, the staking incentives in the early stage of the opening of the AiPTP mainnet are extremely important, otherwise the number of cross-chain Bitcoins is too small to support a huge number of ecological applications because of insufficient liquidity.

After the testnet launched, our community will decide the mainnet block output of AiPTP and the halving plan through the vote of $ATMT holders.

Theoretically, the more initial rewards after the mainnet launched, the more liquidity of Bitcoin, and the higher the Validator’s income. This is a positive incentive cycle. Thank you for your attention.

To be continued.

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