Planning assumptions about the long-term development of AIPTP

2 min readJun 12, 2023


Stage1 — SPREAD.(Now)
This stage aims to use UBI and AI tools. The main core goals are to expand the number of users, create a certain reputation in the industry, cultivate user habits, and create brand effects.

Stage2 — TEST.(2024~)
At this stage, the Bitcoin L2 testnet is open, and developers can start to deploy corresponding applications (defi, gamefi, stablecoins, lending, dex, etc.) on the testnet. At the same time, AiPTP launched corresponding interactive rewards, and used AI technology to build a defense system to prevent Sybil attacks. *The criteria and amount of the airdrop are determined by voting by ATMT holders.

Stage3 — BLOOM.(2024~2025)
At this stage, the Bitcoin L2 main network is officially launched, and the main network’s “ecological incentive” plan is started. Ecological Apps with high TVL or a large number of users can get high grants rewards from AiPTP. Our goal is the total TVL reached 5 billion US dollars with the main network launched within half a year .

Stage4 — AUTOMATIC.(2025~)
Bridge the graphics card computing power required by AI with AiPTP’s BitcoinL2, so that AiPTP can complete the decentralized evolution without human intervention. The api and sdk interfaces of ai-related production tools are open for commercial use. The Foundation uses 40% of the commercial proceeds to buyback $ATMT, and 60% to team maintenance and marketing.
— At this stage, all codes of AiPTP will be open source. We will use part of the source code of Stacks, Openai, and Stable Diffusion for development.

Stage5, Freedom.(2026~)
The foundation has completed the structure construction. At this stage, the foundation can completely separate from AiPTP, and the income generated by aiptp can also be evenly distributed to all BitcoinL2 nodes, and the nodes will automatically complete the buyback and destruction actions. $ATMT will continue to be used for gas fees, voting governance and other related functions. A complete decentralized cryptocurrency project based on AI will be completed. The foundation will leave the project like Satoshi Nakamoto. All project development will be initiated by $ATMT Vote and pay developers from all AiPTP AI business income, the foundation does not make any intervention in the project.

  • The time of the above appearance is a rough estimate, and there may be discrepancies in the actual development process

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