How to get AiPTP($AIB) Free airdrop?

2 min readApr 5, 2023
  1. Go to AiPTP Dapp page(,and sign in with Ethereum mainnet

2.Bind your email address :

3.After bonded email address,you can go to ‘check in’ now:

You will get 10k $AIB after the first day of ‘check in’,and 20k $AIB after the second day of ‘check in’,and so on .the max reward is 70k $AIB per day.

But if you forgot to ‘check in’ some day,then the reward will be started at 10k $AIB it’s important to keep ‘ check in ’ everyday.


AI Chat:will be available after you checked in 7 days.

Invite Friends:Every friend you invited to join in will make you get 1% more bonus,and you can also get more rewards if you upgrade your vip level.

VIP Details
  • This is the UBI alpha test of AiPTP,We suggest you to type in a invitation code to get a 100% reward every day.If not, the reward will be only 60%.If you do not have an invitation code,you can find it in our community channels such as twitter.

Links of AiPTP Community








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