Announcement on ATMT’s transformation and development of new Inscription Protocol

2 min readDec 16, 2023

First of all, I’m sorry for the recent product updates. We have been looking for products to better adapt to the market and find a way out. Now we finally found it, that is the Inscription Market.
I believe everyone has realized its charm in the recent inscription market. The core of inscriptions is fairness, fairness, and fairness.
However, the disadvantage of fairness is that developers do not have enough motivation to develop and maintain the follow-up ecosystem of this inscription. Therefore, a funny phenomenon we often see is: developers mint a certain percentage in advance before minting. The community publishes the agreement, causing community dissatisfaction.
ATMT is preparing to develop a new protocol, which is tentatively named ATRC-100.
The main features of the protocol are: developers are allowed to reserve no more than 10% of the inscriptions and unlock their own shares in blocks. The remaining 90% is freely mined by the community and can also be gradually unlocked based on block height.
We believe that such an agreement is relatively fair. For example, ATMT transmits an inscription: data:,{“p”:”bsc-20",”op”:”mint”,”tick”:”bsci”,”amt”: “1000”””dev%”:”5"”mint%””95"}, then the above agreement reserves 5% of the inscription quota for DEV for development and marketing, and the remaining 95% is for community casting.
What role does ATMT play in this protocol?
ATMT will establish an exchange for the ATRC-100 protocol. ATMT can be used as a governance token and a fee deduction token. We will discuss and study more application scenarios with the community.
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