AiPTP work plan for June ~ July

1 min readMay 27, 2023


GM,here is the plan for the next 2 months for $ATMT community’s reference:
1. Add ‘ Wallet Connect ‘ to adapt to PC and mobile terminals, almost support all EVM wallets connections.
2. Increase the marketing activity of binding Twitter. Binding Twitter in the UBI system and posting tweets about AiPTP can get additional bonuses.
3.Launch AI drawing
4. IDO on several platforms
5.$ATMT Launch on Uniswap and Cexs
6. DAO:Staking and Voting, stake $ATMT can get the voting right token: $vATMT. The longer you staked,you more $vATMT you get and the more voting power you get.The proposed AIP1 voting is: whether the token obtained through UBI will be claimed by time with 0 fee or a one-time claiming with a certain $ATMT fee. The fee will be directly Enter the black hole address.
The proposed AIP2 voting is:How many $ATMT should be holded to initiate a poll?
7.Airdrop $ATMT ERC20 to BRC20 holders.

After these works done,We will focus more on developing Bitcoin L2(supports smart contracts and based on AI) as it is our main goal.

  • The above plan is for reference, and the actual details may be slightly changed.

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