18/5 2023 AiPTP & CryptoPower Binance Live AMA Recap

5 min readMay 18, 2023


1.What made you and your team think about building and developing AI projects ? Why not make an Meme, Defi, game project like any other project?

Ritik:We think that AI will inevitably enter everyone’s life, which is almost a certain trend, the difference is only whether you will use it directly. For example, if you are an office worker, you may feel the efficiency improvement brought by AI tools more intuitively. If you are a construction worker, you may not feel it, but the drawings used in the construction, the effect Maps, planning maps, etc. will use AI tools.
The AI-related productivity tools we currently use are all centralized, and the risk of centralization lies in monopoly and data tampering. The blockchain can solve these two drawbacks very well, and I hope that AIPTP can deliver a satisfactory answer in the future.

2.Are there any special features in the AIPTP project? And what kind of feature is that?

Ritik:Ai drawing will be launched in this month.and more ai tools such as ai NFTs,AI trading,Ai wallets for Bitcoin Layer2 will be launched in the future.Our main target is to build a Bitcoin Layer2 support AI mining and smart contracts.all ai tools are as MVPs for users.

3.Can you explain in detail about the tokenomics of the AIPTP project sir? Please


4.What profit do holders or investors get if they buy and hold your tokens?

Ritik:Our token ATMT usecases:

1) Gas fee
2) Staking of AIS Chain network
3) Be bought back by the profit of AiPTP
4) Voting(DAO)
5)Others like exchanging, paying, investing, etc.

5.Can you explain to us how to buy your tokens sir? And when will your project schedule be launched?

Ritik:Not launched yet.Only BRC20 $ATMT available now in unisat and it’s about 1% of total supply.will do some IDOs in next month,you can follow our socials if you guys are interested.

Participants :

1. I have read your WP and found 3 important things, First, it can create a virtual workforce.
Second, it can complement and enhance the skills. Third, Al can drive innovation in the economy.Al can drive innovation in the economy. Can you explain in more detail about this?

Ritik:It is well understood that AI can create a virtual workforce, because a person skilled in using AI tools can create more productivity because work efficiency increases.
It complements and enhances skills and needs no explanation, I guess.
AI can promote economic innovation. With the blessing of AI, the improvement of productivity will accelerate the progress of all technological research and development, thereby promoting economic growth. For example, you can see some news such as a new drug researched by a medical laboratory through AI

2.How do you keep a balance between developing the technology and also improving the value of your token?

Ritik:Continue to build and expand the usage scenarios of tokens.
The cooperation of market makers.
And Constant marketing.
I think doing the above three points can maintain a relatively good state.

3.What about the legality of your project, is it already there?

Ritik:Our project team is an anonymous team, but there are registered foundations in Hong Kong and Singapore. Tax and legal issues are handled by consultants.

4.How far has the roadmap of the AIPTP project progressed to date?


User base 200k+
social followers 70k+
CMC and coingecko listed
Partners and communities collab 20+
UBI dapp launched
AI chat launched
AI drawing in this month

5.Is there a major focus on customers in the crypto market? And if so, what are your main targets in the crypto market?

Ritik:The user community is the most important part, followed by the developers community.
Our goal is to expand the Bitcoin ecosystem, similar to Stacks, to make a more convenient and smoother Bitcoin Layer 2 that supports smart contracts and AI mining

6.Can your security system guarantee that our wallet is not exposed to hacker attacks? Is there a guarantee from the AIPTP project if the holder or investor is exposed to a hacker attack?

Ritik:cannot. You keep your private keys secure, and no decentralized crypto project can guarantee this.

7.Can you speak to any potential risks associated with investing in AIPTP token, and how does the company mitigate these risks?

Ritik:Investing in any crypto is risky, even for bitcoin. Everyone knows that it has fallen from the ATH of 68k to today’s 27k.
Potential risks include price drop, long development cycle, etc.
In terms of price, we will adopt a linear release method to gradually unlock tokens and increase staking, NFT and other functions to expand usage scenarios to prevent downside risks.
In terms of development, we will continue to increase C++, GO, Java and other language engineers to speed up the project progress as much as possible.

8.Are there any limitations or restrictions on who can invest in AIPTP, and how can interested parties get involved?

Ritik:It will depend on the next IDO platform policy, maybe some countries where cryptocurrencies are not legal yet cannot participate.you can follow us on social medias to get the latest information.

9.How does AIPTP plan to scale and continue to grow in the future, considering the ever-changing landscape of the crypto market?

Ritik:Any niche segment that a cryptocurrency targets is a big gamble. We strongly believe in the future of AI and the future of Bitcoin Layer 2, so we created AiPTP.
Compared with the ecology of the second layer of Ethereum, the ecology of the second layer of Bitcoin still has huge room for improvement. This is our opinion. And decentralized AI may be a still unexplored field worth trying.

10.Compared to other tokens on the market, what sets AIPTP apart and makes it a more attractive investment option?

Ritik:The difference between AiPTP and other projects is that we do not need to sell tokens to maintain team operations.
After our Bitcoin Layer 2 goes online, we will open the api to all merchants and individuals, and 40% of the proceeds will be used to repurchase ATMT. You can understand us as a decentralized binance

11.Do you, your team, have plans to launch on several exchanges? And can you tell us which exchange it is?

Ritik:We are negotiating with several T1 and T2 exchanges, sorry that we can’t announce it at the moment.

12.Why did you choose BRC20 for your project network? And will AIPTP implement multichain in the future?

Ritik:BRC20 only accounts for 1% of our total supply. The rest are on Ethereum.
And it will be mapped to our Bitcoin layer2 main network at a ratio of 100:1

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